Trials and Tribulations

I fell into a burning ring of fire
I went down, down, down
And the flames went higher
And it burns, burns, burns
The ring of fire, the ring of fire . . .

Learning Maya reminds me of something an old professor said often when things were strange and hard to understand.  We will go down into the Jordan, the current will be strong, but we will come up on the other side.  I’m pretty much think this will be true about Maya.  This morning I realized what I did wrong when I saved my project. Or at least I think so.   I was able to get the folder back from google drive and open it in Maya.  But I had forgot to save a new scene so I lost the lighting I had added.  Which means the file I sent didn’t have a new scene in it.  Oh well.

I have some very awesome renders.  I’ll start with my first sculpture that I didn’t save because I didn’t know how.  Now I know to upload the entire file in google drive by clicking the blue button new and going to folder upload.  I was then able to download it from drive and set the project up and get my sculpture back with minimal glitches.



My original sculpture and lighting was awesome.  I loved the reflections.  Too bad I didn’t know how to save it because I have no idea what exactly I did.  Live, lose and learn I guess.  Also it looked better as png.  The dark blue background in the jpeg file kind of kills it for me.



Then I made another sculpture in Maya.  This time I did use multiply when making my duplicate special instead of doing it one at a time.  I nearly crashed the computer but the resulting shapes were really beautiful.  I put planes behind them to cast more shadows and shined a single red light on the objects that were all gray blinn material I think.  I liked it.  It reminded me of illustrations of cells in the bloodstream but more abstract.

Then we swapped projects and Aly changed the materials to blinn and lambert I believe and used colored materials and plain white lighting.  He also added a large backdrop.  He upped the render quality which you can do in render settings.   So now I learned how to do that.  The renders took about 30 minutes but I think they were worth it.   They remind me of Constructivism with the harsh angles and multiple shadows.  Very cool.  I wish I could get more random shots and maybe change materials around.

I also got to see the art of the professor who teaches a different MAD 114.  So seeing what one can do in all these different computer animation programs was very cool.



Author: Lee

I'm just posting bits and boops of the things I create.

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