Kings to you Fernand


This is my Count of Monte Cristo themed post.  ^ And that’s how I feel about Maya right now.

So we were supposed to make a chess piece using various tools in Maya.  I just made one by cobbling together a few shapes.  This was not the best way but I ended up with some very, very cool renders.  I sort of understood the extrude tool and I did try practicing at home.  But I haven’t been able to recreate the piece I made in class yet.  I’m going to watch some video tutorials.  I did, however, learn to edge loop things, which I had not completely understood.  Part of the problem is the computer I use in class has heavy modifications to it’s Maya program.  When I scroll over things it does not say what they are so it makes it a little harder to find tools.

Also, I couldn’t load the poly flow shelf on the computer at school but I had zero trouble loading it at home.  I still need to get Mental Ray on my computer, though.  Because most of my current fun with Maya is staging cool shots to make renders.   Below is my favorite one from class. I think the shadow it casts is the best part.



I used a bifrost liquid material and then used two planes that were blinn material.

I also stumbled upon the same lighting from my original sculpture and made another .png.  It’s not the same interesting effect, though.  And you can tell I used a water material and not glass.


I’ll just have to keep working at it.



Author: Lee

I'm just posting bits and boops of the things I create.

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