Kings or pawns

We are kings or pawns, a man once said . . .

Right now I’m feeling like a pawn.  I watched several of the videos for the train and I watched the chess piece tutorial twice.  I’m having trouble working at home because the all important meta key on my surface book is also the windows key.  Every time I use it in Maya to try to “tumble around” the Windows menu pops up.  I looked up how to disable it and it comes with a massive disclaimer.  I’m going to take it to the Microsoft.  That way they can’t blame me if the process goes wrong.

I’ll just have to make up for lost time this morning before class.

I did, however, find the chess piece tutorial very helpful.  I was trying to use the extrude tool which is much trickier than just resizing the edge loops.  I also appreciated learning how to insert a reference image among the other little tips.

I’m not terribly frustrated, though.  I’ll figure it all out eventually it just takes time.

Also because I have no renders to post yet here’s a gif of a hamster stealing a pawn.



Author: Lee

I'm just posting bits and boops of the things I create.

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