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So I’m slowly learning Maya.  I’m no longer a beginner I guess? So yes I made a rook chess piece solely to make that pun.   Yes I’m slightly ashamed for doing that.



One curious thing that happened is that when rendered in Mental ray it kept the hard lines.  Which is cool it kind’ve looks like old fashioned crystal but I really wonder what happened here?  I had to go back in an smooth preview it so it would be smooth in the renders.  So odd.

I made a cylinder, deleted the extra lines on top and bottom so the top faces would be quads.  I resized my edge loops to make the chess piece silhouette.  I used the extrude tool for the top.  Than I just added a random sphere for visual interest.

I had a lot of trouble putting the edge loops in.  But the prof showed me a better way to do the top.

Hopefully the train tutorials shed some light on how to better use Maya.  Everything feels very slap dash at the moment.



Author: Lee

I'm just posting bits and boops of the things I create.

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