Characters don’t belong in the cupboard under the stairs

So like I stated before, I started an Instagram so I could post up some of my art.  I was hoping to build up some semblance of a following.  Ha.  

Earlier this year when I decided Tarsa Studios should be a thing, maybe even advance into an entertainment LLC, I didn’t realize how long that would be.  I’m also impressively out of date with modern marketing.  And people say the arts don’t involve work. 

Anyway I just decided I’d share some character art from a story of mine.  I made the lioness sculpture out of plasticine.  The two digital drawings were done in art rage and sketchbook for galaxy, respectively.  

I think I just have to keep fumbling along until I get to the point I want to be at in terms of business and art.  I get nervous about making my art and writing public.  But it’s time to take that leap even if I don’t feel ready.  

I have monster clay now so I’m hoping to make several more sculptures of lions and work on refining my characters.  Maybe soon I’ll learn how to render a character in Maya.   And that will be worth while.  


Author: Lee

I'm just posting bits and boops of the things I create.

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