I think I can, I think I can

I also think we also all saw this Little Engine Who Could reference coming.

So I’m building this train in Maya for 3D class using these tutorials.   I’m still not sure on how to transfer files correctly from google drive.  I was able to get to my last scene but there was still a warning.   What I believe happened is I shouldn’t have manually put the files into the Maya folder.  I should’ve opened Maya first and then looked for my files.  Hopefully, this doesn’t become a huge problem.  Although I’m comfortable starting from scratch if necessary.   I might actually try to do that if I have time to just make sure I know the procedures.

I’ll be posting or editing with updates as I go along today.

Also, I was googling for images to accompany this post and found this.


THIS is what it feels like to work in Maya.  You’re chugging along and suddenly you have a black pyramid of death because you welded a point in the wrong spot.   Thank the gods for scene saves, though.


Author: Lee

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