It’s 3:45 am. What have I done?




Over the weekend I got stuck on video 8.  I don’t remember why I let the vertex welding tool slow me down but I did.  Yesterday I worked on it for a few hours.  I kept running into tiny problems that I didn’t want to wrap my head around fixing.  For instance, when doing the roof piece I didn’t allow enough space between the cylinders to extrude things.  So I redid each piece multiple times in order to avoid these little mistakes.  With each tiny mistake, such as an accidently deleted edge, I learned what not to do.

Right now I am honestly still on video 14.  I think I’ll manage to get a few good renders but . . . my file isn’t saved properly.  I knew this but I just kept working hoping I could start over at the end and quickly go through the process.   I’m a little frustrated that I keep having file saving issues.  I need to review the earlier videos that deal with this.

Overall I’m starting to get the hang of things and I’m going through the videos faster as I become more proficient with the basic tools.


Author: Lee

I'm just posting bits and boops of the things I create.

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