One fish, two fish


I should’ve worked harder on the lighting for this fish.  Maybe I’ll go back and make new renders.  I feel like except for the tails they do look realistic.


It’s a little creepy . . .

This disembodied face floating in the nothingness of Maya.





It maybe looks like me?


I’m headed on to video 8.  So far it’s easy to follow the tutorials over all but getting the details of facial structure, the placement of each vertex, is really tricky.  It’s relatively easy to make a creepy mask.  It’s hard to make that mask look like a human being.

There’s also an extra ‘edge loop’ in there running from the eye to the mouth.  I’m hoping this line I added with the multicut tool to fix an n-gon and turn it into a quad doesn’t come back and bite me.  I’m not sure I fixed anything.  I’m worried there was an n-gon in the the first place.

Pretty sure nothing bad will happen.  Overall I’m feeling really confident.

giphy (1)