I’m starting this blog for a college class but I really want to turn it into something more.  I’ll probably try to record all of the projects I’m working on, not just ones for the class.  Currently I’m working with a friend to create a graphic novel.  I’m also taking a creative writing course.  Another professor suggested I recreate an installation for the student show, so I might record my frustrations with that as well.

I’m still trying to get the hang of this site.  For some reason I don’t find the user interface super intuitive.  However that may be because I’ve never spent much time trying.  Hopefully this blog thing works out and I can make a nice looking site.

I’m excited to be taking a 3D class all about Maya.  I almost applied for an internship over the summer but it required a solid working knowledge of the program.  I took the 3D design class on a whim so I really lucked out.  Also I needed a new laptop to run adobe creative cloud and other programs so this class gave me a great excuse to buy a fancy new toy.  I went with a surface book so I might try to post a review of how it works just for fun.  Or I’ll include how well the device works with programs like Maya when I post class work.

That’s all for the moment.